You measure your fitness

...why not your mind?

A mobile app to measure your mental fitness in real time

(So we can tell you when we launch)

*It's free to try! No card required.

Understand your mind

Listening to that same sad song on repeat? Ignoring messsages from people you care about?

Use Devas to better understand why you do the things you do and feel they way you feel.

Track your mental fitness

Track the behaviours in your life that impact your mental fitness, see how they change over time.

Get insights and data about what may be causing declines in your performance and productivity.

Get mentally fit

No more generic advice.

Get actionable tools, specific to you and based on your behaviours, that help you work towards improving and retaining a high level of mental fitness.

Headshot of Mike

Mike, CEO @ Devas

"Mental health problems are crippling, I know from my own experiences with them. I want to make everyone more mindful of their mental health and to find out the best way to help each person individually."

Headshot of Sara

Sara, Medical Officer @ Devas

"I have seen so many people, personally and professionally, struggle to get support to help their mental health and know how important it is to catch problems early. I believe Devas can help."

Headshot of Zach

Zach, Product @ Devas

"I am passionate about mental health issues as I have seen both friends and family suffer as a result; I know there is a solution out there to help, and I think Devas could be it."

Headshot of Sagar

Sagar, Data Science @ Devas

"Iā€™m passionate about data and passionate about mental health. Devas brings this together and I'm excited to see how we can apply data science methods to mental health issues to try and help."

Start tracking your mental fitness today